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Rongoā Māori 


Enjoy sacred indigenous blends of Rongoā Māori in Yilin bamboo frosted glassware technology.  These products are designed specifically for reconnection, revitilisation and relaxation of hinengaro, tinana and wairua wellbeing. HĀ supports understanding the natural biological process of wahine embracing wharetangata, ruahinetanga and PMS.  These pure and natural products relieve aches, pain, discomfort, coughs, colds throughout your body systems, functions and organs.


Include postage & handling $10                                                                                 

Kawakawa & Lavender Pani

Blended to provide Aroha and Awhi comfort, relief and reconnection.  Multipurpose pani used for facial, body and feet.  Antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  A luxurious moisturising pani.

Tohutaka: Kawakawa & Lavender award winning, shea butter, grapeseed oil, color, beeswax

100 grams - $40.00

Recycle with a refill get $5 off

Rimu & Pineapple Sage Pani


Anxiolytic and antidepressant pani rub.  Assists with calming and relaxing hinengaro, whakaaro, tinana and wairuatanga.

Rimu supports healthy skin & aids digestion.  Pineapple sage calms and is anti-inflammatory. Helps to reduce stressors, anxiety by massaging into face and scalp.  

Tohutaka Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum) & Pineapple sage, shea butter, grapeseed oil, colour, beeswax.

100 grams - $40.00

Recycle with a refill - get $5 off

Whakawātea Wai

Lavender soothes, calms and provides relaxation. Kawakawa cleanses and purifies  wairua, healing, shifts energy. Tarata uplift, energy, strong lemon scented. 

Whakawātea wai cleansing energy mist infused 100% with spring water.  Spray over and above your body.  Used for uplifting and healing energy, to cleanse and purify āhua and sacred spaces in your home or work environment.  External use only. 

Tohutaka: 100% pure, natural hydrosol distilled wai, Lavender, Kawakawa, Tarata.

120ml - $25.00

Recycle with a refill - get $5 off


Kohekohe feminine balance assists with PMS, menopause, menstruation, whare tangata and ruahinetanga.


Tātāramoa Soothes and calming, aids as a relaxant and improves sleep hygiene. 


Kawakawa - effective for treating hinengaro, tinana, wairua health-related conditions.


JinTing kūmarahou - provides relief from cold and flu assists liver and kidney function and supports your body to naturally detox.

Tohutaka: Rau and alcohol infused 6 weeks into vodka and or gin.

Whakatūpato - Precaution

Avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you have medical condition or take prescribed medications, please consult medical advice prior to use.

30 ml - $25.00

Recycle with a refill - get $2 off

Essential Oils

Mānuka & Patchouli- Used as a scent mix of earthy, woody, sweet, musky and cedar.

Kawakawa & Lavender - Used as a one of the richest most soothing scent florals, herbal, evergreen woodsy, Io Matua.


Kanuka & Neroli- Used as a scent, fresh, flora, citrusy and green aroma

20mls  - $10.00

Recycle with a refill - get $2 off

Rongoā Tī

Special blends are available on request - Kohekohe, Tātarāmoa, Kauri, Tarata

Mōwai - Reduces Anxiety & Stress and provides connection, loaded with vitamin, mineral improving health.

Kawa & Mexican Sage - blends focusing on calming and resting inner body, mind and spirit. 

Tohutaka: Kawakawa & pineapple sage, Kawa & Mexican Sage

Whakatūpato -Precaution

Avoid pineapple sage during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you have medical condition or take prescribed medications, please consult medical advice prior to use.

20gms- $10.00

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